About Telga

Telga Electricity, with more than 30 years of professional experience

Electricidad Telga, a company located in the heart of Bizkaia, has more than 30 years of professional experience serving its customers throughout the historical territory and surroundings, integrating services of:

  • LV industrial electrical installation and maintenance
  • Process automation technologies
    Adequacy of machines
  • Design and assembly of switchboards
  • Manufacture of electrical subassemblies and machined parts.

We are a company formed by a multidisciplinary human team, close, in constant training, dynamic, involved with the objectives of the company and with a clear customer orientation.

At Telga we believe in customer satisfaction through the satisfaction of our staff, constant adaptation to new technologies, quality and competitiveness within the sector.

Throughout its history, Telga has maintained a close collaboration with different PTCs and the EHU-UPV, to complement the training of its students and contribute to their future incorporation into the labor market.

Mission and Vision

To satisfy the needs of our customers, providing industrial electrical services and customized and quality products. To promote the participation of all its employees in the achievement of the general objectives and allowing the possibility of developing their professional competences.

To be a leading company, in continuous improvement, differentiated by providing a quality of service to its customers and perfectly adapted to their needs, a sustained profitability and always in perfect coordination with the development of its staff.